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26 October

Shanghai Day – Term 1

The last Wednesday of Term One marked the first Geography Enrichment Day of the year; it was a truly memorable experience with all children showing great enthusiasm for the subject of ‘Earth Writing’ (Geo = Greek for ‘Earth’; Graph = Greek for ‘writing’).
Based around the most populated city in the world, the day focused on the Human and Physical Geography of Shanghai. A particular highlight has to be the whole school conducting morning stretches in unison, as well as standing to attention whilst the National Anthem played and the Union Flag was raised.
The custom of raising the flag and having school-wide stretches takes part in all Chinese schools, usually commencing at 7:30am!
Well done to all children for their continued enthusiasm for Geography! The next Geography Enrichment Day will be on 8th February 2018 based on the theme, ‘Who do you [Geographically] think you are?’
​I hope you are all looking forward to it,
Mr. Goodeal​
11 October
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Home Connect Launch


As part of our annual Book Week, we have today re-launched Home Connect for Years 2-6 (with Year 1 beginning to use Accelerated Reader as they year progresses), a superb and very powerful tool to help you to keep up to date with your child’s reading progress. By logging in, you can see all the books that your child has read, as well as their progress on quizzes that they have taken in school. You can even register your email address to receive emails each time your child completes a quiz, allowing you to celebrate this at home as much as we do in school. You can also register multiple addresses so that the whole family can stay informed.

Today, you will have received a letter with your child’s log-in details, and you can access the Home Connect website for our school through the link here, or through our school website.

Currently, we have email addresses registered for 119 pupils, with 31 students having logged in – let’s see if we can get that number higher!





19 September
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Iron Men

We very much enjoyed meeting many of you at our Meet the Teacher event last night and hope that you enjoyed the opportunity to look around our new classrooms and your child’s books.

We have had a great start to the year, from writing our suspense Cold Tasks to creating two 7 foot Iron Men to welcome visitors into Year 3!

Read more…

22 May
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Earlscliffe Adventure

19 May
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Disney – Green Screen – Computing

22 March


Our new Sandgate Primary Art Exhibition Space is up in the main corridor, leading off from the School Reception area and it looks amazing already! The idea of the ‘space’ is to celebrate a range of the finished art that children have enjoyed taking part in around the school from Foundation stage to Year 6.  We will be regularly updating this area and displaying new new art work; including ceramics, sewing, sculpture, felt art, drawings, paintings, etchings  and other inspiring creations.

Each child whose 2D works have been chosen has written a little about the drawings and paintings they have produced, describing what inspired them, which artist influenced their work and what skills they were developing and so on. These descriptions have been typed up and are displayed next to each art work.

We know you will enjoy viewing these. With Parents’ evenings approaching, this is an ideal for time for you to enjoy viewing this sample of the wonderfully imaginative work the children have recently created. We congratulate the children whose works have been chosen for the first exhibition:

Isaac (Armadillos), Scarlett (Wolves), Niamh (Meerkats), Tom (Monkeys), Ryan  (Wolves), Ethan (Armadillos), Nyla (Giraffes),

Theo (Armadillos), Molly (Koalas), Eve (Kangaroos), Peter (Giraffes), Ali (Armadillos), Issi (Armadillos), Victoria (Rhinos),

Garrett (Rhinos), Elliot (Wolves), Alannah (Wolves), Praveen (Meerkats), Juliet (Monkeys), Amelia (Monkeys).

A couple of examples of what our resident artists have said about the inspirations for their art pieces:

‘I used shading, smudging and observation skills. I was inspired by WW2 and we used charcoal because of the black out.’(Isaac) 

‘It was really difficult to make a white piece of paper so dark, it took a lot of hard work.  It took a lot of patience to make my picture in the style used by Paul Nash.’  (Alannah)

16 March
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Last Thursday, we were really lucky to have a return visit from two Scientists from the University of Kent – an Astrophysicist and a Chemist.

They delighted our Year 4, 5 and 6 children in a ‘Cool Physics’ show , put on in the Main Hall, which focused on all the wonderful things that can be done with Liquid Nitrogen- every schoolboy and girl’s dream! 

Here is a selection of the action in full flow. Who can you spot with their head in the clouds?! . . .

We would like to extend a special thank you to The University of Kent.


06 March
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Year 3 will Rock you!!!!

Today, Year 3 attended the ‘School of Rock’ and were treated to a workshop from Rock Steady Music School.

21 February
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09 February
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