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01 May

Home Learning WEEK 3

Attached is the home learning for Week 3.

This week, there are some great crosswords to help you to revisit some of the ways that suffixes are added to root words to create a new word.

Remember that you can comment below with any questions you might have!

The Home Learning can be accessed here: HOME LEARNING T5W3.

24 April


Attached is the home learning for Week 2.

This week, the spelling activity makes links to the work we are doing on ways to start sentences.

Remember that you can comment below with any questions you might have!

The Home Learning can be accessed here: HOME LEARNING T5W2.

18 April
Comments Off on Home Learning Term 5 Week 1

Home Learning Term 5 Week 1

Hello Year 3!

We are now attaching an electronic copy of this week’s Home Learning in case you lose your paper copy.

Let us know if you have any problems with the learning!


29 March
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Easter Home Learning

We will now be publishing electronic copies of our Home Learning on our blog each week.

You can access the home learning for the Easter holiday here: HOME LEARNING T4W6

You can also comment below to let us know how you’re getting on with this week’s tasks!

Just remember that to protect our identities online, when commenting on blogs, we only use our initials and not full names.

06 March
Comments Off on World Book Day

World Book Day

Last week, we celebrated World Book Day! We were astounded by the amount of effort that had gone into costumes and would like to thank you all for making it such a memorable day for the children. With all the children from Year 3 dressed up, we were certainly the best dressed year!


05 March
Comments Off on Fractions!


Year 3 have now begun fractions! This is quite a daunting mathematical area so we are making sure that we break it down into small chunks!


We started last Thursday (on World Book Day!) by thinking about how parts make up a whole.  Children grouped themselves (girls and boys, age, hair colour, eye colour) and then came back together thus allowing them to see that all these parts made up the whole (the entire class).


Children were then given various pictures in which only a part was visible. They were asked to complete the picture to make the whole.






27 February
Comments Off on Sandgate School Run or L.S. Lowry?

Sandgate School Run or L.S. Lowry?

The Sandgate school run this morning!

It reminded one of our Year 4 students of an L.S Lowry painting! Beautiful.

Thank you to the parents who sent it in.

23 February
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Invention Writing

Today, we did some excellent writing using our Chocolate Factory stimulus. We made all the decisions as the author, including what text-type to choose. It was really useful to look back at previous toolkits, including ones from Year 2.

22 February
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The Chocolate Room

Year 3 have had a very busy start to Term 4! This term, we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. To hook the children, we decided to create our very own Chocolate Rooms!

The results are absolutely fantastic!




04 February
Comments Off on Geography Enrichment Day 2

Geography Enrichment Day 2


Today marked the second Geography Enrichment Day of the year; once again, we had a truly enriching day dedicated to the study of ‘Earth Writing’.
Based around the notion of cultural heritage, Sandgate Primary School spent the day unpicking the question of ‘Who do you think you are?’ This involved the use of digital map games, scratching off our very own class map of the world, comparing the Human & Physical Geographies of countries, and presenting our very own family trees and shields.

A particular highlight has to be our global visitors who came in to speak to us and answer all of our geographical questions! We heard from international sixth form students from Earlscliffe College (representing a wide variety of countries such as Nigeria, Russia, Germany and Hong Kong), as well as our visiting parents who presented to the class.

Thank you for an amazing Geography Day!

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