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19 July
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We are collaborators

As the term draws to a close, both Otters and Seals have been working collaboratively on some very tricky Maths challenge stories, which have required them to work together to solve problems covering all the different topics we have studied this year, from place value, to time, to fractions, to geometry.  The children have worked so hard all year in Maths, it’s been brilliant to watch as all their learning has come together.

13 July
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We can’t get enough of The Indian in the Cupboard!

We made the most of the good weather today and went outside to read The Indian in the Cupboard.  Mrs Perrow carried out the new bean bag, and the Otters took it in turns to read more of the story.  As we read, children used many of their reading skills to answer questions.


13 July
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Celebrating Show and Tell

Yesterday, Evie was very excited to show the Otters something she had prepared for Show and Tell, which also shows some of our Sandgate values.  Evie has adopted Solio, a rhino at Port Lympne, and Solio recently had a baby! Evie brought in some amazing facts about Solio and other rhinos and her cuddly rhino, as well as showing us a video of Solio and her baby.

We chatted about how important sponsoring and adopting endangered animals is, and celebrated Evie’s compassion towards rhinos and her respect to the environment.


Well done, Evie.  We are looking forward to more Show and Tell!

11 July
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Otterly mad about reading!

This term, Year 3 have been reading The Indian in the Cupboard.  The Otters have been loving the story, and have been really hooked by the characters and the way they literally come to life.  Today, some of the children asked if they could read to the whole class, so they took Mrs Perrow’s storytelling armchair, donned their best cowboy accents, and read brilliantly to the whole class, as we all followed in our own copies.


02 July
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Geography Enrichment 3: Lunging for Litter!

Last week marked our 3rd Geography Enrichment of the academic year. Themed around the concept of looking after our environment and the shared responsibilities we all hold, Sandgate Primary School was ‘Lunging for Litter’ in order to do our part for the planet!

As well as Geocaching with other year groups (a fantastic and exciting way for children to demonstrate their Friendship values), we were lucky to have visiting speakers from ActionAid, Greenpeace and ‘Save the Bees’ throughout the week; each talk discussed a different aspect of doing our part to care for our environment, both locally and globally.

Thank you to all children for their continued enthusiasm to care for our home.

Keep on lunging,

Mr. Goodeal

19 June
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Capacity or volume?

This week, Year 3 have begun looking at what the difference between capacity and volume is.

To help us understand, we took lots of beakers and water outside and begun using them to measure specific amounts of water. Fortunately (and surprisingly), none of us got wet!

17 June
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Our Amazonian bridges!

For our hook this term, we told the children that they had to build a prototype bridge that, if built, needs to cross the Amazon River which has flooded.

Some were very successful in holding the weight of our mascot SeaSea!


15 June
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Sports Day Preparations!

We are all very excited for sports day next week and have begun our preparations and practiced racing against one another. Here are a few of our photo finishes!

15 June
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Home Learning – Week 2

This week’s Home Learning is attached below, in case you need an electronic copy:

T6W2 Homelearning

Remember that you can always comment on the post if you have any questions, or speak to an adult over the course of the week.

We look forward to seeing your Home Learning on Monday!

01 May
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Home Learning WEEK 3

Attached is the home learning for Week 3.

This week, there are some great crosswords to help you to revisit some of the ways that suffixes are added to root words to create a new word.

Remember that you can comment below with any questions you might have!

The Home Learning can be accessed here: HOME LEARNING T5W3.

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